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    Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Demolition Contractor

    If you're looking to hire a demolition contractor in Victoria to work at your home or your business, you'll need to ask a series of questions to make sure you've got the most appropriate one for the job.

    Not only will this give you peace of mind that you're using a professional contractor with a good track record, but you'll also know how right they are for your specific job.

    Here are some crucial questions to ask before hiring your demolition contractor.

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    Why Hire Professionals to Remove Mould?

    Taking initiative to personally perform the tasks required to maintain your property in good condition is an appreciable quality to have as a homeowner. However, certain jobs require an expert’s touch. Rockridge Industrial Services provides mould removal services to residential and commercial clients in Victoria. Mould is a problem that every homeowner faces and being able to personally handle it would be very useful. However, we have observed that it is not possible to do so effectively.

    Here are a few reasons why you should hire professionals for mould removal:

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    What Are the Benefits of Professional Asbestos Abatement?

    It is no secret that asbestos is harmful and can have a damaging effect on your health. Traditionally, it was used in a lot of construction projects. It was utilized as an insulator to block noise, cover pipes and ceiling tiles. If you try to remove asbestos by yourself, there are high chances that you can get exposed. Hiring Rockridge Industrial Services, an expert in asbestos abatement, is a wise choice here.
    We have been providing deconstruction and demolition services in Victoria since 1999. We serve both commercial and residential customers.

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  • asbestos
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    What to Do If I Find Asbestos in My Home?

    Asbestos is widely used in the construction industry owing to its sound absorbing capabilities, fire ‘resistance capabilities and affordability. Inhaling asbestos can be really detrimental to your health as it can cause serious breathing problems. We, at Rockridge Industrial Services Inc., are experts in demolition, remediation and abatement services. Even though asbestos is banned in many countries, buildings built before the 1990s are more likely to contain asbestos.

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  • mold removal
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    Six Effective Tips to Get Rid of Mould

    As the weather gets colder, we turn up our furnaces and keep the doors and windows of our homes closed. In our effort to create a warm and comfortable space, we are making our home environment-friendly for mold to thrive in. Mold can damage your furniture, windows and can also cause several health issues such as cough and shortness of breath. Therefore it is essential to rid your house of the fatal household fungus. Rockridge Industrial Services Inc. provides mold removal, hazardous waste removal and asbestos removal services.

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  • Hazmat
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    Why Rockridge Industrial Services Is Your Best Choice for Hazmat Services

    Hazardous materials such as asbestos and mould can lead to health complications in people and could be toxic to the environment. If you come across any hazmat when you’re renovating or demolishing your building, get in touch with Rockridge Industrial Services Inc. We eliminate unwanted hazardous materials from your property in Victoria, the Lower Mainland and beyond. Our experienced team takes proper precautions to keep the hazardous material contained.

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  • Mould
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    How to Prevent Mould Growth in Your Home?

    Mould usually grows in damp and dark areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or areas with poor ventilation. It is hazardous if left undetected as prolonged exposure to high spore levels might cause allergies in some individuals along with irritation to your eyes, skin and nose. Rockridge Industrial Services Inc provides mould removal services in Victoria, Nanaimo and Vancouver, BC. We also provide demolition, remediation and abatement services since 1999.

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