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At Rockridge Industrial Services Inc. we specialize in the demolition, dismantling and deconstruction of buildings and interior spaces of all shapes, sizes and materials. As highly-trained demolition contractors serving Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island and surrounding areas, we can demolish partial walls or entire structures in a safe and responsible manner while protecting surrounding buildings and landscaping from harm. Our work results in a site that is impeccably clean and ready for reconstruction. We’ve assisted numerous homebuyers, contractors and construction companies throughout the years with our quick, safe and efficient work. Demolition projects of any size pose a potential risk. We oversee and control all aspects on the job site to maximize the safety for all involved.

What We Offer

As your trusted demolition contractors in Victoria, Rockridge Industrial Services Inc focuses on delivering expertise in different demolition services. We provide our services in the following fields:

  • Industrial demolition
    We understand the complexities that come with industrial demolition and that’s why we are here to make sure your demolition project is done the right way. We use specialized equipment that maximizes safety, removes dangerous material and makes the demolition a little easier. Our demolition crews are trained beyond the necessary safety and health training and are qualified to work with a wide range of materials. Not just that, our staff uses a variety of techniques to control and minimize hazardous materials during an industrial demolition. At Rockridge, no building is too small or too large. We work on all types of buildings such as factories, mills, plants, towers and much more.


  • Commercial demolition
    Commercial buildings are usually built to last long which makes it a little challenging to demolish them. However, at Rockridge, we focus on helping you with even the most stubborn buildings, no matter what the structure is made of. Our group of trained staff uses precision tools that can remove buildings with minimal impact on the surrounding area. Starting from warehouses to grocery stores, retail stores, coffee shops and office buildings - we use the latest equipment to provide you with timely demolition services.


  • Residential demolition
    Are you looking to renovate or replace a house? Rockridge Industrial Services Inc can help you with your residential demolition projects. Our residential demolition services in Victoria include taking down wood, concrete, steel and much more. Usually, residential demolition differs from project to project, which is why we offer a variety of services for our clients such as building surveying, structural surveying, mechanical demolition, deconstruction and much more.


Removal of Hazardous Materials

Our clients know they can rely on us to be thorough and reliable during all phases of the demolition process. We supervise our own crews and provide basic support services, such as building an attractive screen to conceal a deconstruction site. If your project calls for the removal of hazardous products and materials, we will bring in our abatement specialists to ensure that materials such as mould or asbestos are handled and removed safely.

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