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Professional asbestos removal

Asbestos kills approximately 2,000 people living in Canada every year. It is a dangerous material that is present in many homes across the country. An individual that breaths in asbestos fibres is at an increased risk of a range of serious illnesses and asbestos symptoms, including lung cancer.


Only since 2018 has it been illegal to import, manufacture, sell, trade, or use products that contain asbestos. If you are concerned that your home has asbestos, it is important to identify and safely remove it for the protection of yourself and your family.


In this blog post, we will highlight where asbestos could be hiding in your home. For reliable asbestos removal in Victoria, always choose Rockridge Industrial Services.



The asbestos insulating board was a commonly used material in homes. It has been used as partition walls as well as fireproofing panels and ceiling tiles. It can be difficult to discern which boards use asbestos and which comprise non-asbestos materials. If you are unsure, it is always best to seek professional advice.



Another common place where you may find asbestos is in flooring materials, particularly vinyl floor tiles. When flooring like this becomes cracked or broken, unsafe asbestos fibres can be released.



In the past, asbestos was commonly used to insulate hot water pipes, given that it is highly heat resistant. If nothing is wrong with the pipe, it may be best to leave it alone. However, if there is any sort of compromise, professional replacement or removal will be required.



Popcorn ceilings were typically coated with paint that contained asbestos. Generally, there are no health risks if left undisturbed. Still, it is a good idea to seek testing from a professional company such as Rockridge Industrial Services.



In addition to indoors, asbestos may be present on a range of outdoor household items. These include gutters, downpipes, soffits, exterior window panels, cement roofs, and roofing felt.


As noted above, asbestos in these materials may cause no health risk if left undisturbed. You should seek professional advice should there be any compromises. As we have highlighted, asbestos can causes serious respiratory conditions such as lung cancer if inhaled. 


Choose Rockridge for Quality for Asbestos Removal in Victoria

In Canada, as with many other countries around the world, homeowners are working to remove asbestos from their homes and reduce the risk posed to themselves and their loved ones.


If you are looking for safe and quality asbestos removal in Victoria, your choice is Rockridge Industrial Services. We have built a strong reputation for providing reliable and safe abatement procedures for our many clients.


We have been serving the communities of the Pacific Northwest since 1999. If you are concerned about the presence of asbestos in your home, contact our team today. Call our licensed professionals at Rockridge Industrial Services to help determine the risk of asbestos exposure in your residential property.


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