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Lead particles are minute and invisible to the naked eye. However, they can easily be inhaled and cause serious damage to the lungs. They can also cause a host of other health problems. It is vital to ensure a thorough clean-up of any lead particles after a construction or renovation project that involved lead-based materials.

At Rockbridge Industrial Services Inc, lead abatement is done in a controlled environment, ensuring that any kind of hazardous product is handled and removed with complete care and caution. It is absolutely essential to hire a professional to carry out this job as it involves exposure to hazardous materials and chemicals. Call us today to book an appointment for a complete risk assessment of your home and to use our lead abatement services in Victoria. 


Lead Abatement With Complete Customer Satisfaction

Our workmen have been trained in completing any kind of abatement job efficiently and expediently without any unwarranted delays. Based on the specific requirements of your premise, we can provide you with customized abatement solutions for your home or office. We can diagnose the exact solutions that you require after a detailed risk assessment. Our services are prompt and hands-on. Our workmen have the required skill to carry out an abatement job of any skill. We use enclosure, encapsulation and spot repair as methods to remove lead professionally. We also employ efficient equipment to handle all types of assignments.


We ensure that all the removed material is safely disposed of and transported upon completion. Our workmen have years of experience and expertise in the handling and disposal of lead-based hazardous materials. Over more than two decades of serving clients across Victoria, we have gained expertise in providing our clients with customized lead abatement services in Victoria to suit their specific needs. Our wide clientele of satisfied customers across Victoria is a resounding testimony to our efficient lead abatement services in Victoria. Give us a call today to request a quote.

Following Strict Care and Caution

We take all the measures to ensure that the hazardous lead is removed in a way as safe as possible. There are certain cautionary measures that must be taken to ensure that the abatement job is performed comprehensively. Sometimes, the lead particles may enter the HVAC system during abatement. In that case, it is also important that the pipes must be cleaned and sanitized. From these AC ducts, the particles can spread even further. At Rockbridge Industrial Services Inc, we devise a systematic and efficient plan of action as per the specific needs of your premise to combat all these challenges and provide safe lead abatement in Victoria.

Comprehensive Lead Abatement Solutions in Victoria

We can provide you with complete lead abatement solutions across Victoria.

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