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If you’re renovating, developing, or demolishing a building, you will come across several materials that have been recognized as dangerous and prohibited by various provincial and federal regulations. Rockridge Industrial Services Inc can take care of identifying, managing, hauling, handling, treating, and disposing or recycling hazardous waste to tackle the problem. So, it's time to connect with our team of professionals. Our hazmat specialist in Victoria will take care of handling and controlling hazardous materials in accidental sites. Be it an inspection, cleaning or disposal of waste, we do it perfectly. Whether it is chemical spills or toxic waste, we can clean them all.


For over 15 years, we’ve been working in BC to eliminate any unwanted materials from your property, including hazardous material removal, or hazmat, in Victoria, the Lower Mainland, and beyond. Our insured and capable team has the experience to ensure that every precaution is taken to keep the hazardous material contained, to keep you and your family safely out of harm’s way, and that the materials are properly disposed of to ensure no further contamination to people or the environment. Besides, you can count on us for demolition, remediation and abatement projects.

Professional Hazardous Material Removal in Victoria

If you think that you may have hazmat in your Victoria demolition or development site or come across it while renovating, you should leave it to the professionals as proper procedures must be followed. Thanks to our rigorous standards and high quality work at Rockridge Industrial Services Inc, we’ve earned a reputation and the respect of construction professionals and regulators across the country for providing our clients with safe and reliable hazardous waste material removal. If you try to deal with the removal yourself, you may expose yourself to potentially toxic materials, which could lead to health complications that could, at worst, have fatal consequences now or down the road.

Some of the materials that you should leave to the professionals to deal with: 



Lead paint

Contaminated soils

We do recommend that you hire a third-party consultant to survey your property before and after we complete our work to ensure safety and peace of mind as well as to avoid any conflicts of interest. Our professionals can deal with hazardous material removal in Victoria. You can rest assured that we follow all the safety regulations. We do provide a detailed risk-assessment that includes a breakdown of the work we’ll be performing. We can also verify that all waste has been transported and disposed properly afterwards.


Browse our gallery to learn more about our work. Feel free to call us for any industrial, commercial and residential projects. If you’re in the midst of a project and are in need of professional help when it comes to hazardous material removal, call Victoria’s Rockridge Industrial Services Inc.

Understanding Hazardous Waste

If you come across hazardous materials in your Victoria home or business, always call a hazmat specialist from Rockridge Industrial Services Inc. Never inspect the area on your own. We come to the site to inspect, assess the situation, and then start the disposal procedure. We want you to understand that these materials can be extremely dangerous to health and can even cause death. Some of the hazmat that can pose threats to your health are:

  • Asbestos
    Asbestos was mainly utilized to construct buildings to withstand extreme weather conditions due to its fire-retardant and insulating properties. These properties made the buildings solid and long-lasting and it was seen as a great material in the mid-1990s. However strong, the materials are also hazardous to health when air-borne and breathed in. That's why it must be removed only by a professional. Throughout the hazmat removal process, we take all due care and caution to ensure the safety of the personnel as well as the other people on the site. We also abide by all safety regulations as per various statutory guidelines and regulations. We ensure thorough and complete removal of hazardous materials from your location.
  • Mould
    Mould is often caused by unchecked moisture problems that get accumulated in walls, small areas, roofs, pipes and more. It isn't always a red flag but must be handled with care only by a professional as mould is capable of spreading rapidly and can cause serious health risks. If mould is detected in your home or business in Victoria, the best step is to call Rockridge Industrial Services Inc.

  • Lead paint

    As lead-based paint gets worn, it begins to crack or break to dust. This dust can cause severe health dangers. As lead-based paints were regularly used in building construction, it’s essential to know that if you find this potentially hazardous material during a home renovation or demolition project, you must call a Victoria hazmat expert for the detection and removal of the paint.

  • Contaminated soils
    Some common soil contaminants include heavy metals such as asbestos, oily water, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), and other hydrocarbons. If left untreated, the contaminants may poison the soil and damage the underground water.


Ensuring Safe Hazmat Removal 

Rockridge Industrial Services Inc is a leading Hazmat removal service in Victoria. Our professional team offers safe and effective removal of hazardous materials like lead, mould, asbestos, and PCBs.


We employ experienced, competent and professional staff to deliver top-notch results to our clients. With years of experience gathered over serving clients across Victoria, Rockridge Industrial Services Inc has emerged as the preferred name to remove hazardous materials. Get in touch with us now.

Make Sure Your Renovation is Safe

Hazardous materials can be found in any renovation or demolition project, and should always be handled by professionals.


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