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Whether it’s the result of gradual moisture seepage or accidental flooding, wet homes are a serious concern. If you’re aware of water damage, call Vancouver Island’s trusted remediation experts at Rockridge Industrial Services Inc for a consultation. We will isolate the area in question and eliminate the problem from your home with efficiency. 


The damp coastal climate of the Pacific Northwest can result in a serious moisture problem for some buildings. If a building’s exterior cladding fails, moisture can seep into the walls, creating damp interior spaces that encourage mould growth and can lead to health problems and loss of structural integrity. The problem is a major financial and health concern to owners and residents of affected buildings.


At Rockridge Industrial Services Inc, we provide customized remediation services in Victoria for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. We have the experience and capability to handle small-scale as well as large-scale, complex site cleanup projects. Our technicians can remediate any location to meet all the necessary regulatory cleanup requirements.


Our technicians understand the urgency and importance of thoroughly and quickly removing all traces of hazardous contaminants from all areas of your property in Victoria. We work thoroughly, taking in to account all safety measures to ensure the health and safety of your family and employees. Our team of fully vetted and certified remediation experts are available to help you with all the necessary technology, tools and expertise.


From mould removal in residential areas to performing a detailed remediation procedure in an industrial facility, Rockridge Industrial Services Inc is always available to help you in your time of need. We also provide comprehensive on-site remediation services in Victoria for a plant or facility expansion that has to be remediated for sale.


Whatever your remediation needs, we have the manpower and expertise to not only get the job done but also exceed expectations.



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