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Asbestos fibres are durable and highly resistant to fire and other types of damage. Microscopic in nature, they can be a health hazard to anyone who comes in contact with them. If you own a commercial building that was constructed 30 years ago, it is possible that asbestos was used in its construction. To ensure the safety of your employees and clients, call Rockridge Industrial Services Inc’s commercial asbestos removal services in Victoria. We have a team of experts to carry out the abatement task safely and efficiently.

How Does Commercial Asbestos Removal Work?

You must consult only a professional company to conduct asbestos removal in your commercial structure. During this process, the asbestos containing area is sealed off and the removal process begins.

Commercial asbestos removal includes the following steps:

• Encapsulation
Chemicals are sprayed on the asbestos surface to prevent the release of fibers.

• Containment
Building containment is done using a sheet metal or plywood to isolate asbestos containing materials from other areas of your office.

• Abatement
Asbestos is carefully removed and properly disposed of in an environment-friendly manner.

Things to Remember Post Asbestos Removal

Here are a few tips to remember after asbestos removal:

• Do not use compressed air to remove dust from any surface
• Barriers and portable enclosures must not be reused until cleaned thoroughly
• Use a wetting agent to avoid the spread of dust
• Avoid eating, drinking and smoking in the work area

Call Our Asbestos Removing Experts

If you are in need of Rockridge Industrial Services Inc’s efficient commercial asbestos removal services in Victoria, give us a call. We also offer demolition and remediation services. For questions, fill out our online form and we will respond promptly.

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