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Did you know that Canada's mesothelioma cancer rate is one of the highest in the world? This is due to the toxic mineral asbestos that was only banned in 2018. Construction workers are at a high risk of getting exposed to this mineral because of how many buildings were created from it.


Finding asbestos and disposing of the hazardous material can get done during a Hazmat inspection. Read on to learn about when you need a Hazmat inspection in Victoria.


Renovating a Building

A Hazmat inspection is necessary when a building needs renovations. This could be in an old building or even a fairly new one.


It is especially important for buildings that were built before 1990 to get inspected before any renovations start. Hazardous materials are more likely to be in older buildings. For one, you should check these commercial or even residential buildings for asbestos.


Asbestos is commonly found in buildings built before 1990 and is on the hazardous materials list. The mineral is useful as it is resistant to corrosion, electricity, and heat. However, they rank high in the classes of hazardous materials because they are extremely toxic.


This material was once used to build but is now known to lead to life-threatening conditions. A Hazmat inspection in Victoria will involve hazardous material identification. If asbestos is found, a third party will remove it.


In older buildings, there is more to worry about than the mineral asbestos. It is also common to find mercury and lead. Rockridge Industrial Services professionals can look after the process of hazardous material disposal to ensure everyone's safety.


Before a Demolition Project

It is important to catch hazardous materials before demolishing a building. Just because the building is coming down, does not mean hazardous material disposal is not necessary. The reality is that destroying buildings can release toxins in the air and harm a lot of people.


During the hazardous material identification process, substances like lead, asbestos, and other toxic chemicals will get searched for. Releasing these chemicals into the air during demolition can lead to health issues for the workers and people who live nearby. Before going through with a demolition project, call Rockridge Industrial Services in Victoria to have the process watched over while a third party completes the inspection.


Air Quality Checks

Whether you are in a commercial or residential space, air quality checks are necessary. It is less common for residential areas to have toxic chemicals in the air, but it is still possible. The chemicals could be due to an industrial or commercial building nearby that works with toxic chemicals.


If the space you use has worked with toxic chemicals, the air may be contaminated. After operating with any chemicals, air quality should be monitored. This is when it is important to call Rockridge Industrial Services for guidance.


A Hazmat specialist can undergo an air monitoring test to ensure the air is safe to breathe. This could save employees and those living or working nearby.


You Need A Hazmat Inspection in Victoria

If you are about to undergo renovations or demolition in Victoria, it is necessary to get a Hazmat inspection right away. These tests can ensure the safety of your employees and those in the surrounding areas. After using chemicals of any kind, get an air quality check completed by the professionals.


Call Rockridge Industrial Services today to ensure a Hazmat inspection runs smoothly as it is completed by a third party.



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