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It is no secret that asbestos is harmful and can have a damaging effect on your health. Traditionally, it was used in a lot of construction projects. It was utilized as an insulator to block noise, cover pipes and ceiling tiles. If you try to remove asbestos by yourself, there are high chances that you can get exposed. Hiring Rockridge Industrial Services, an expert in asbestos abatement, is a wise choice here.

We have been providing deconstruction and demolition services in Victoria since 1999. We serve both commercial and residential customers.

Benefits Associated With Hiring Professional Asbestos Abatement Services

If you are considering hiring Rockridge Industrial Services, you will save yourself and your family from the risk of asbestos-related problems and the process will be successful. The various benefits of hiring us include:

• Safety

If asbestos fibres are inhaled, you can suffer from hypertension, hoarse breathing, swelling in the neck and other issues. Long term exposure can lead to conditions such as asbestosis and lung cancer. This is where the importance of hiring a professional, who knows safety measures, comes into the picture. Also, our technicians know about the latest innovations in the field and make use of high-end equipment to deal with unique problems.

• Availability of Trained Technicians

A reliable asbestos removal company will ensure that its technicians undergo training to obtain a working license because a company can operate legally, only if their technicians have working licenses. The training also helps them to acquire the needed skills and knowledge to safely remove asbestos.

• Proper Disposal of Asbestos

Since asbestos is a dangerous material, it needs to be disposed of very carefully. When you hire a reliable company, you can be at peace. The experts will remove the asbestos and appropriately get rid of it as needed by the law.

• Needed Insurance

Public liability insurance is a must-have for all licensed asbestos removal companies. If any mishap occurs on your premises, the company will be able to compensate for your loss because of the public liability insurance.

Let Us Help

At Rockridge Industrial Services, we provide personalized solutions with a unique plan of action to convert your space to a safe and hazard-free environment. Please go through our gallery and take a look at our past projects.

Call us if you need asbestos abatement services in Victoria.



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