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If you're looking to hire a demolition contractor in Victoria to work at your home or your business, you'll need to ask a series of questions to make sure you've got the most appropriate one for the job.

Not only will this give you peace of mind that you're using a professional contractor with a good track record, but you'll also know how right they are for your specific job.

Here are some crucial questions to ask before hiring your demolition contractor.


What Timeframes Can I Expect?

The first thing worth finding out would be whether the contractor's availability and timings suit your needs.


They will estimate the level of work required for the task and be able to give you a firm timeframe on how long the job will take. They should also be able to indicate when they can start the job.


Establishing this at the start is very important. If your potential demolition contractor stalls, or cannot answer these questions, this will be a red flag. A good company will know what their schedules look like.


Are They Insured for Liability and Covered by the Workers Compensation Board?

A trusted and reputable company will have liability insurance, covered by the Workers Compensation Board, and will have an up-to-date policy.


It's important to ask this and to check it yourself, too. This will ensure things are above board.


The reason this is important is that any workers injured during your job can take legal action against you should the company not have insurance.


Will They Take Care Of the Demolition Permit?

If a demolition permit is required for your job, this will need acquiring; and it's best to ask your potential demolition contractor who is responsible for this.


Similarly to liability insurance, having a permit is crucial to avoid any potential legal issues.


It's important to establish who needs to acquire this permit; normally that would be the job of the contractor.


Can They Provide a Detailed Quote Breakdown?

The demolition contractor needs to account for everything included in their quote.


They will need to quote for everything upfront so that there are no nasty surprises or additional costs added on later.


Look out for a cost for their assessment, the actual demolition, the clean-up, and the disposal after the demolition has taken place.


How Will They Handle the Demolition Disposal?

It's important to ask about the aftermath of the demolition. This is half of the job, after all, and the materials demolished will need professional disposal.


There could be hazardous materials involved. Your potential demolition contractor will know the appropriate methods of doing this safely. We at Rockridge Industrial Services take pride in ensuring this is done safely and professionally.


Demolition contractors should also be able to advise on how toxic materials are dealt with in regards to the safety of anyone else on-site, such as workers or you. These materials can include asbestos or lead.


Also, ask about salvageable materials and how they propose to send them away for reuse.


Hiring a Demolition Contractor in Victoria

By asking these questions, and getting sufficient answers, you can feel a lot more confident when hiring a demolition contractor in Victoria.


Should your potential contractor stall over any of the above-listed questions, it might be time to consider a different candidate.


Be sure to contact us at Rockridge Industrial Services and ask us all these questions. We're here ready with the answers and to provide you with an excellent service.



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