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mold removal

As the weather gets colder, we turn up our furnaces and keep the doors and windows of our homes closed. In our effort to create a warm and comfortable space, we are making our home environment-friendly for mold to thrive in. Mold can damage your furniture, windows and can also cause several health issues such as cough and shortness of breath. Therefore it is essential to rid your house of the fatal household fungus. Rockridge Industrial Services Inc. provides mold removal, hazardous waste removal and asbestos removal services.

Here are a few tips that can help prevent mould growth in your home:

1. Clean your carpets frequently

You might have dust mites, fungus and dirt resting under your carpet which can cause diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, hay fever. The foul odour of mold deteriorates the quality of air in your house. Change your bathroom and kitchen carpets regularly as they get wet and soggy overtime. Consider getting hardwood floors or tiles, they reduce the chance of dust mites and mold breeding under your carpet. A simple way to keep mold growth in check is to focus on keeping your carpets tidy and your house well ventilated.

2. Avoid cramming

Kitchen cabinets and bedroom drawers which are overstuffed, serve as breeding grounds for mold due to lack of free airflow. Always keep a distance between your furniture and the nearby walls so that air can pass through. Place your wardrobe beside internal bedroom walls as they tend to be warmer than external walls.

3. Keep your home clean & ventilated

The atmosphere inside your house can be more polluted than outdoors. Chemicals from air fresheners, deodorants, hairsprays and cleaners can have a negative impact on your home's air quality. Your kitchen and bathroom are mostly the most humid places in your house. Get an extractor fan so that the humidity doesn't have an impact on the whole house. Usually, mold starts to grow near the window sills and frames. Open your windows often and let the clear air keep moisture and mold away from your house.

4. Refrain from smoking indoors

Avoid smoking inside the house as it drastically lowers indoor air quality. Try to establish an all year ban on it. Smoke and ash contaminate the air for the lack of proper ventilation. It can cause mold growth in your house.

5. Dispose the mold

If something in your house has been affected by mold, you need to address the problem immediately, without any delay. Dispose the items that have been impacted by fungus. If mold has reached your soft furnishings and things you cannot throw away, it is time that you call the professionals for help.

The most effective way to rid condensation is to vent your house for adequate airflow and maintain the temperature. When your home heats up, humidity collects, which creates moisture in the air. Excessive moisture with a lack of ventilation leads to condensation. Keep your house mold-free and hygienic with Rockridge Industrial Services Inc. We have tools and equipment for effective mold removal to encourage a healthy atmosphere in your home. Check out our gallery to know the kind of work we have done in mold removal.

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