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Professional mould removal

Are you looking for mould removal in Victoria? Mould can be a nuance. It's common, persistent and can grow in any place with a ton of moisture, pipes, window panes, etc. 


If you suspect you have mould, hiring mould removal services is your best bet to ensure the job is done correctly.


Why should it be removed? Mould can be damaging to your home and your health. Keep reading to find out just how harmful constant exposure to mould can be.


What Is Mould Sickness?

Constant exposure to damp environments that have mould growth can have adverse effects on many individuals. The symptoms of mould sickness vary from person to person in severity, but long-term exposure can be harmful to everyone. 


There are a few warning signs of mould toxicity that you should take seriously. If you live in Victoria or BC, a notoriously rainy province, you should consider some kind of mould removal in Victoria that can help you evaluate and remove the problem. 


Symptoms of Mould Sickness

There are a variety of mould sickness symptoms that can arise and warn you of mould growth in your home. Some of these symptoms can become much more significant issues down the line. If you think you are suffering from a mould reaction, you should reach out to a doctor and then a mould removal specialist to assess your home.  


Respiratory and Allergic Mould Symptoms

You may feel like you have a runny nose or itchy eyes. You may develop a dry cough and skin rashes. 


These symptoms may not seem that bad, but they can become annoying over time and develop into something worse. The long-term effects of mould exposure can worsen asthma and other lung conditions, causing shortness of breath. 


Intestinal Mould Symptoms

Not as common as respiratory issues, but people have still reported abdominal pain and other intestinal problems in relation to mould sickness. There have been reports of diarrhea, appetite swings, and in some cases, vomiting. 


If you are feeling any of these symptoms, it is essential to get checked out by a doctor to determine what the cause of your illness is. 


Neurological Symptoms of Mould Exposure

Some people believe that mould poisoning can cause much larger neurological issues. They report feeling aches and pains, severe headaches, changes in mood and memory loss. 


Though there has been no proof that mould spores can cause these issues, plenty of people report them and the other symptoms we have mentioned above.  


Get Mould Removal in Victoria!

Having mould in your home can cause some severe health issues that need to be addressed. If you think you may have mould, contact Rockridge Industrial Services for a professional opinion! We do mould removal in Victoria and want to make sure your home is safe. 


Have other issues in your home? We also do asbestos removal and lead abatement. 



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