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Mould usually grows in damp and dark areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or areas with poor ventilation. It is hazardous if left undetected as prolonged exposure to high spore levels might cause allergies in some individuals along with irritation to your eyes, skin and nose. Rockridge Industrial Services Inc provides mould removal services in Victoria, Nanaimo and Vancouver, BC. We also provide demolition, remediation and abatement services since 1999.

Here are four easy ways to prevent mould growth in your home:

1. Regulate Your Home’s Moisture Levels

Mould grows rapidly with moisture. Install a hygrometer to monitor the moisture level inside your house. Try to keep the humidity level below 60 per cent to prevent mould growth. It’s better to identify some of the mould problems in your house:

• To avoid moisture buildup in your bathroom, always keep a window open. Wipe down the walls of your bathroom with a towel, squeegee or sponge every time you use the shower

• While cooking or washing dishes make use of exhaust fans to reduce the humidity. Check for humidity signs such as condensation on windows or pipes

• Moisture problems might arise due to wet clothes. Dry clothes immediately after you have washed them

• Check your basements regularly for any plumbing issues

2. Indoor Plants

Moist soil in indoor plants can act as a perfect place for mould to grow. If you notice visible mould on the soil, scoop away the mould. Wipe gently if mold is present on the leaves on the plant. Cut off leaves that have excess mould on them.

Tips to prevent mould growth in indoor plants:

• Avoid overwatering the plants

• Use good sterile soil

• Add a natural anti-fungal such as cinnamon or apple cider vinegar to the soil

• Provide sunlight and proper ventilation

3. Prevent Water Leaks

Some of the causes of water leaks in your home are cracks in your ceilings, leaky faucets, taps and shower. Water leaks causes moisture problems that can lead to mould build up. Regularly inspect and replace old pipes if required.

4. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Excess moisture might appear on walls, windows and floors without proper airflow in your house. Exterior vents play an important part in making sure you have fresh air throughout your house. Proper ventilation helps in removing excess moisture which helps to eradicate mould growth. Some signs of poor ventilation in your house can be of rust on metal pipes, frosted shower windows and doors, discoloured wall tiles.

Contact Rockridge Industrial Services Inc for structural remediation services across Vancouver Island and lower mainland.


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